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3 months to go until baby

Monday, February 4, 2008

We have about 3 months left in the pregnancy. When faced with all the things we had to buy/prepare, I couldn’t help but feel like we weren’t even ready to think about our baby. We needed to take care of ourselves before we stocked up on the baby stuff.

There were both practical and emotional reasons. On the practical side, there were (and still are) a bunch of things that needed to be cleared out or moved before we have the baby. So it’s a matter of preparing for the baby preparation. On the emotional side, I felt like we needed to get stuff that we always wanted, since after the baby we’d be less likely and willing to spend money on ourselves. Before the priority completely shifts to the baby, I wanted to make sure to take care of ourselves, so that we don’t feel depressed about not having those things because of the baby, etc.

So — we got a new dining room set (a cheap one from IKEA, but still the one that fits our kitchen better). We replaced the living room rug. We bought a new futon mattress and finally got rid of the lumpy one I’d had for like 10 years. And the last piece to complete this effort came in this weekend — a new bedroom set.

It’s frigging huge — we measured every set we looked at, because of how small our bedroom is. We were confident that this new piece would fit in fine, and it does — actually better than we estimated. But still, a big headboard, solid side tables, and a tall dresser (to replace the double dressers we had) fill up the room quite a bit. We love it, and we’ll be sleeping on it as soon as the smell of the varnish goes away. Right now, it’s a bit strong — enough to make me uncomfortable to think about Lucretia breathing it in.

But all “adult” purchases are complete… Now we have 3 months to think about all things baby, all the time!