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Coming soon: another blog post

Monday, January 21, 2008

Yes, you read about it here first, folks. Yummy or Crummy will be adding another blog post here sometime in the very near future. Do hold your breath, and don’t sit back and relax, because before you know it my new blog post will kick you in the teeth and throw you down like your daddy never could, no matter how much he drank.

Thanks, flood water

Saturday, December 8, 2007

This past Sunday and Monday, Seattle (and pretty much rest of the northwest) was hit with heavy rain that caused flood in many areas. We’ve been in our house long enough to know we had a leak in the front concrete stoop, but we failed to protect it once again. The water came in from the unfinished area of the basement, and it traveled to the lowest part of the house, which we unfortunately learned is our office.

I was so freaking busy at work this week, so I didn’t have time to do anything about it — which was super frustrating because by Thursday we could smell the mold growing on the carpet. Lucretia had wisely moved some things off the floor by Monday evening, so not much was damaged. But we knew the carpet had to go.

So today, I finally had some time to get down there and rip up the smelly carpet. First I had to move everything to the TV room, which is also in the basement but seems to be safe from flooding because of its slightly higher location.

Here are two photos to compare what the office used to look like, and how it looks now. The concrete floor underneath is looking decent, a small consolation because we didn’t know what kind of nasty mess we would find under the soggy goodness.

Office before the flood

Office after the flood

There’s still a lot of work left — we have to scrub the floor, rip up the molding, install new molding, and paint the floor. We’ll probably keep it uncarpeted until we figure out the leak situation.