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The best two weeks of my life

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Note: I stopped posting to this blog when my daughter Yuuma was born 4 months ago. First it was due to the reality of being a new father and simply not having the time to blog. Then it was my inability to write a post that I felt would sufficiently articulate the story of the biggest event of my life. I felt like it would be inappropriate to blog about anything else before I wrote our birth story. So 4 months have passed, and the draft is still sitting there. Now — I’m over it. Lucretia and I have documented the birth story somewhere else, and we both clearly remember what happened and how it happened. We’re extremely happy with our daughter and each day is more amazing than the one before. I’ve concluded that enough time has passed while I tried and failed to write the most beautiful story for the 2 or 3 people who may be reading this blog — and now is the time to get back to posting about the less important inanities of my life. Yuuma’s birth story is not any less beautiful or memorable because it’s not on this blog. So, with that…

I had never had a staycation before, but that’s what I ended up doing when I decided to take 2 additional weeks off work as the second half of my paternity leave. I forgot who, but I want to thank whoever gave me that advice — to take 2 weeks when your kid is born, then 2 weeks again later when all the visitors have gone home, the baby blues has kicked in a bit for your wife, and the baby has grown up enough to be a little more interesting to watch.

Excuse me, while I feed myself So for two weeks, I stayed at home — slept in, woke up with Yuuma, played with Yuuma, took many naps, read books to Yuuma, fed Yuuma with the bottle, went to see a movie on a weekday morning (Wall-E), watched a lot of TV (Mad Men and Weeds), 2nd baseball game! cooked dinners, had a beer or two, stayed up late, went to Georgetown for lunch, went to a Mariners game, surfed the web a lot, went to IKEA to buy stuff for baby-proofing the house, sat outside in the sun, took a 2-mile walk, and most importantly, got to know my daughter well. And when we went somewhere, we didn’t go far (camping in Camano Island). It was, without a doubt, the best two weeks of my life.

I don’t know what else to say. I highly recommend it for anyone who has a chance to do this. I felt more re-energized than I did after any other vacation.